UPCOMING: The Reunion of Sophia’s Toy 7/9/15 @ Santo’s Party House, NYC

We all know the story…Once upon a time there was a band of immensely talented musicians fronted by Sophia Ramos and Mike Ciro. That band screamed their way through NYC, got noticed, got signed, got a record made, and then got the shaft from their label for being ‘unsellable’ (apparently in their eyes, black and brown people […]

Historic: BRC Orchestra Tour of France

‘Sisters, Songwriters & Sirens’ celebrates the important and often under-appreciated contributions Black women make to culture through music, expression, perspective, and visibility. Heading overseas for a 6-show, 12-day tour of France, this was the third time our host Chateauvallon had called upon the talents of our all-female lineup to bring audiences to their feet in the name of Nina, Tina, Betty, Rosetta, Abbey, […]

Historic: BRC Panel at SXSW 2015

It’d been a while since the BRC had any organized presence at the ever-swelling musical juggernaut that is SXSW (the last time was around 1993).   So we reintroduced ourselves with a panel on a topic very close to our hearts (and our mission) called “Deep Roots of Rock: Making Rock Relevant Again.” Moderated by […]

Historic: Million Man Mosh III @ Highline NYC

  With Man Mosh I and II, (which we could not have done without generous performances from Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Ronny Drayton and Reverend Kim Leslie, Nona Hendryx, Burnt Sugar, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, The Sugarhill Gang, and others), we were able to bring folks together, call attention to the issue of unjust incarceration, and help raise money for Donovan Drayton’s Legal Defense Fund […]

Make Me Wanna Holler: Voices for Action

Make Me Wanna Holler: Progressive Voices for Progressive Action (<click for the PDF) Download the PDF file .


  “That the BRC is still here, and still needed, was pressed home every time [Corey] Glover sang ‘Enough is never enough.’ Because the work is never done. But the rock is worth the battle.” —David Fricke, RollingStone.com, 2010 Dear Friends and Family, Thank You. Your support and contributions over the years have helped us […]

Historic: Blunt Force Trauma + Death Metal Angola

  The resurrection of BRC showcase vehicle BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA featured live and loud sets by The Dust Rays (w/ Kirk Douglas + Mark kelley of the Roots and Ricc Sheridan of Earl Greyhound), Year of The Dragon (from LA w/ Dirty Walt of Fishbone), MilitiA.Vox (of Judas Priestess). DJ SugarfreeBK. Hosts Laina Dawes (author of “What […]

Historic: BRC Orchestra’s Political Soul of Motown

The Black Rock Coalition Orchestra Performed PEOPLE HOLD ON: Motown’s Civil Rights Anthems and Political Soul On the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in the midst of present-day civil unrest, the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra, featuring an all-star cast that includes jessica Care moore, Don Byron, Ronny Drayton, Doron Flake, V. Jeffrey Smith, […]

BRC Radio on ART on Air (link here)

All kinds of sonic sweets await you on the BRC’s channel on ART on Air. The archive goes all the way back to 2004 and includes surprise guest interviews from some of our greatest rock pioneers. Definitely a trip in the way-back (and not-so-way-back) machine for a Who’s Who of Black Rock.   LATEST BLACK […]

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