NEW RELEASE: (FREE ZINE) Make Me Wanna Holler, Issue 2—Art in the Age of Corona

To share our community’s thoughts from inside the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Black Rock Coalition has released the second issue of our “Make Me Wanna Holler” anthology series. We thought it was important to ask some of our favorite people, from across the artistic spectrum, to express how they are coping, creating, and maintaining during this unprecedented moment in history.

Featuring writings by M. Kumasi Rogers, Brian Tate, Kamara Thomas, Kelsey Warren, Meshell NdegeocelloLaRonda Davis, Melvin Gibbs, Malxolm BrixkhouseQADR, Leron Thomas (Pan Amsterdam), Sandra St. Victor, V. Jeffrey Smith, Peter Lord, Leah King, Darrell M. McNeill & Earl Douglas, Jr.

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