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All kinds of sonic sweets await you on the BRC’s channel on ART on Air. The archive goes all the way back to 2004 and includes surprise guest interviews from some of our greatest rock pioneers. Definitely a trip in the way-back (and not-so-way-back) machine for a Who’s Who of Black Rock.
A Band Called Death
Hosted by Darrell McNeill, Earl Douglas, LaRonda Davis
Originally aired 7/1/13
Earl Douglas, LaRonda Davis and Darrell McNeill chat with Bobby and Dannis Hackney, founders of the Detroit proto hardcore trio DEATH, about their recent resurgence after nearly 40 years of dormancy. The band’s original master recordings, having been rediscovered in the last few years by fans like Jack White, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins and other hard rock luminaries, read like blueprints for the punk rock movement that bands like bad brains, Sex Pistols and The Ramones would follow years later. The brothers open up about their newfound success in anticipation of a concert appearance at Le Poisson Rouge on July 1, 2013. The BRC also talks to MilitiA., heavy metal goddess supreme, who will host the night.
Tracks heard on this program are:
1. Rock ‘N Roll Victim – DEATH
2. Politicians In My Eyes – DEATH
3. Where Do We Go From Here – DEATH
4. Keep On Knockin’ – DEATH
5. The Electric Eye – Judas Priestess (Militia)
6. The Guilty One – Swear On Your Life (Militia)
7. Let The World Turn – DEATH