Malxolm Brixkhouse

A Review of “What Demons Are Made Of”
by Earl Douglas, Jr.

It’s amazing to think that singer-songwriter-guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse is now, for all intent purposes, a music industry veteran.  As part of the band, Unlocking The Truth, he found himself a viral sensation, scoring a million dollar deal with Sony; opening for some of the biggest names in metal and hard rock, and being the subject of a documentary, all before reaching high school.


Now 19, Malcolm has branched out away from UTT to release his first solo project, under the rebranded name Malxolm Brixhouse.  It continues down the musical path that was he blazed with his former band, but with a more DIY sheen and more insightful, introspective bite.  It’s everything that makes metal/hard rock cool:  driving rhythms, razor sharp guitars and passionate vocals.   It’s a dynamic new chapter for a young man determined to take the Black rock banner into the future.


‘What Demons Are Made Of’ is available now on Itunes and Apple Music.