Historic: BRCO SALUTE TO RICHIE HAVENS (1/18-19/13)

BRC ORCHESTRA @ BAMCAFÉ LIVE, BROOKLYN, NY, 1/18-19, A Salute To Richie Havens; With Richie’s brother Don and daughter Rachel in building, we brought the house down with transcendent performances from Stew (The Negro Problem), V. Jeffrey Smith (The Family Stand), Maritri, Kelsey Warren (Pillow Theory), King Julia (Fifth Nation), Akie Burmess (Aabaraki) and others. The BRC Orchestra’s only getting better, y’all…

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  1. Lynn says:

    I am interested in this event…
    What time does it begin? When would I need to arrive?

    I have never been to this venue, so I am interested in seating, parking and whether or not food/beverages are served.
    Any information you can give would be very helpful.

    Thank you…

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