Historic: CLOSING PARTY for BRC Exhibit


30 anniversary gallery closing party 11.18

Rocking Since Birth: The BRC Celebrates 30 Years of Reclaiming & Correcting the Rock Aesthetic

Exhibited from Oct 8-Nov 27, 2015

In 1986, BRC Co-Founder Vernon Reid told John Lelund of Spin Magazine, “Blond, long hair, white. Our organization is a direct challenge to that mentality, that imagery. Because FIRST, ROCK IS BLACK MUSIC. Rock is everyone’s music, but the origins of rock are Black. And there’s no way you can get around that.”


For this exhibit, hosted at ImageNation’s RAW Space, we put together our largest collection of images from recent BRC events…and we barely scratched the surface. The images covered just a handful of shows from 2006-2015, but many of our heaviest hitters are front and center, seen through the eyes of some of the best live photographers out there (Earl Douglas, Jr., Petra Richterova, Scott Ellison Smith, Ed Marshall, Nivea Castro, Radcliffe Roye, and Joe Conzo).


Keep an eye out for where this exhibit may go next…

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