Historic: Million Man Mosh for Donovan, Highline Ballroom, NYC

Keep the support going for Donovan’s Defense at www.4donovan.com. And thanks to everyone who came out to THE MILLION MAN MOSH. It was truly epic and we are humbled by the fact that such giants as Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Afrika Baambaata, and Michael Hampton could join legendary guitarist Ronny Drayton and Reverend Kim Lesley in raising very necessary funds. Performed: January 4, 2012 @ Highline Ballroom.

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  1. Gemini says:

    I had a wonderful time at the gathering for Donavan Drayton. Not only did I appear to support my friend, Ronny Drayton, but it’s always a privelge to run into family. Such as colleagues of the B.R.C. and other musical friends and associates.

  2. Ijola Fitts says:

    *getting better

  3. Ijola Fitts says:

    THIS WAS EPIC! What an amazing show and Vernon’s hand held up just fine 🙂 Great to see it is geeing better!

  4. BRC says:

    oh, and it’s $30 today or online, $40 tomorrow at the door. best.

  5. BRC says:

    hey Vivian! great to hear from you. the doors are at 7p, bam spins at 8p, show starts at 9p. as for booths, it might be worth reaching out to the club, as we have no control over the seating.

    best and i’ll see you tomorrow,

  6. Hey!!! What times are door open and actualset start. Can I reserve a booth for Ray, Kelli Sae and her wife?lLet me know the admission fee

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