Historic: BRC Panel at Lincoln Center Institute

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The Black Rock Coalition Pushing Forward
at the Clark Studio Theater / Dialogue
Presented by Lincoln Center Institute for The Arts in Education
From Are & Be, to The Kou and dadahdoodahda, to touring with Ani DiFranco on the “Rhythm and News” tour, Sekou Sundiata created his own path with music that existed outside of classifiable categories. He and his peers — founders and leaders of The Black Rock Coalition (BRC) — created modes of expression both radically new and grounded in cultural history; supported each other in the development, exposure and acceptance of Black alternative music; and actively opposed racist and reactionary forces that deny Black artists expressive freedom and economic rewards. Thirty years later, alongside huge shifts in music, Black alternative artists are still making their own opportunities and pushing forward a greater cultural conversation. What are they able to say in the forms that they choose – in the interstitial spaces — that they are not able to say elsewhere? BRC Co-founder Greg Tate moderates the panel which includes current BRC National President LaRonda Davis and Guillermo e. Brown (Pegasus Warning) and Kamara Thomas (Earl Greyhound, Kamara Thomas & The Ghost Gamblers), among others.

The retrospective continues through October 2013.

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