Historic: Celebration BRC: 35 Years Into Tomorrow

A 4-day marathon of BRC memories, performances, discussions, and music.


Eternal appreciation to Joi, Kat Dyson, Maureen Mahon, Honeychild Coleman, DJ Reborn, Nona Hendryx, Will Calhoun, Kevin Strait, Rob Fields, Petra Richterova, William Helms, Angelo Moore, Chris Metzler, Lev Anderson, Fishbone, DJ Logic, David Ryan Harris, Konda Mason, Greg Tate, Vernon Reid, Craig Street, Flip Barnes, and DJ Greg Caz for joining us live in the room for some pretty amazing discussions. An additional shoutout is due to the BRC OGs who came through throughout the event, some of whom gave video interviews which will be shown in social media later. In particular, Don Eversley, Bill Toles, Jared Michael Nickerson, Jan de Silva, Michael Hill, Jimmy Saal, JT Lewis, Melvin Gibbs, Kelvyn Bell, Bevis Griffin, Beverly Jenkins, Marque Gilmore, Tracie Morris, Jimi Hazel, Rick Skatore, Chuck Brownley, and so many others.


And beaucoup thank yous to Living Colour, David Ryan Harris, Van Hunt, Faith, Sophia’s Toy, The 1865, Jackie Venson, Blak Emoji, The Oxymorrons, Tamar-kali, Model Decoy, 100 Watt Heart, Militia Vox, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, Marcus Machado, Stew, The Family Stand, Three5Human, Dope Sagittarius, Thaylobleu, Slapbak, Band Of Gypsys Revisited Band, Screaming Headless Torsos, and Shelley Nicole’s BlaKbüshe for sharing rare, exclusive, or little-seen live video performances.


And for those of you who joined us for one hour or for all four hours on all four nights, THANK YOU. We are community. We could not have gotten to 35 years without it.


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